Side Anglejog Concealment (SAC) Move — TUTORIAL

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Learn a trick that uses the SAC Move:


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25 Replies to “Side Anglejog Concealment (SAC) Move — TUTORIAL”

  1. You can get a 1 duplicate card. Force one and put another face down in deck. Then say that u will lose the one that they picked in the middle of the deck and u put it face up. Then u pick any random card do SAC and say that card became theri choosen card.

  2. Often my table spread breaks from the card I am hiding and it flashes, what should I do?

  3. Holy damn I can't do it, it always shows up. Only 1/5 of the times does it stay hidden

  4. I'm a big fan of your videos, but this one is not well explained, you didn't show the exposed view so we could see what you were doing, sorry, I still love you.

  5. 2:37, I understand that the pinky pulls/holds the card.. but where does it end up? Is the hidden card on the far-left or the far-right of the spread? By manipulating the jogged card with the pinky; is its order changed, does its position move up or down with respect to the other cards? Jarek usually does an excellent job, but this tutorial is extremely confusing!

  6. Omg, when he pulled out that jack of clubs, that was in front of the upside down card, i noticed a lil later that i had a jack of club in front my my upside down card, WTF

  7. Im glad that you didn't quit the channel… I saw your videos from Aspire to Inspire and It was really inspiring… 🙂

  8. I just found you yesterday on Google, and am so excited to learn everything you teach.  Even stuff I thought I already knew I"m deciding you do better.  You have thought of everything!

  9. What is that move when u turn the deck over the roll it in your hands an then its a 10 of spades

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