Simple Chinese Comfort Food – Chicken, Sausage and Mushroom

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0:00 – Introduction
0:26 – Prepare chicken
3:01 – Prepare mushrooms
3:51 – Prepare Chinese sausages
4:31 – Prepare dish for cooking
5:18 – Cook dish
6:22 – Finish cooking and garnish
7:23 – thetaste
9:32 – Flo’s thoughts


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16 Replies to “Simple Chinese Comfort Food – Chicken, Sausage and Mushroom”

  1. Nothing beats a nostalgic dish that is delicious and brings back so many warm memories. Happy Sunday! ????

  2. Very simple and delicious recipe , I can only think of it , difficult to get the sausage here , we don’t have the luxury of getting these things from the past , the restrictions is depriving us from enjoying these delicious things. Thanks for sharing have a great weekend everyone .

  3. I use your other recipe for this dish all the time, yummy! Is this one any different?

  4. Amen @dudelum, i too failed to appreciate the tastes and flavours my parents cooked up as a kid and am now appreciating it and making it on my own, all thanks to Flo! ❤

  5. Looks like another dish to add to my list of your recipes. Thanks for sharing, Flo and Dude.

  6. This looks SO good – I definitely will give it a go! I reckon some bok choy tucked into the same steamer set up, outside of the chicken plate, will make me feel extra virtuous but still keep this as a 2 pot meal. Having less to wash up is an extra bonus! Thanks FLO and DUDE for another great, simple, do-able, economical recipe!

  7. Thanks Flo! I'm LOVING your recipes. I'm here in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana! Spring has SPRUNG here!

  8. I love chinese sausage. When I was growing up my dad would just throw the chinese sausage in the rice cooker as it was cooking lol. So I do that sometimes now. I think to describe it its like a sweet soy sauce? But I love it in fried rice too.

  9. Can I make a seafood version of this as I don’t eat meat? ❤️ from a pescatarian in the UK!

  10. I’m so curious about the Chinese sausage. We don’t have any Asian markets around where I live. I may have to request a special delivery when my son comes home from D.C. next time!! Dude surely did enjoy this dish!! Happy Sunday! TFS, Sharon♥️????

  11. Love me some Chinese snausage! Haven't had any in a very long time! Loving this dish, very simple. I need to find myself some snausage and make this one! Thanks Flo, always a pleasure.

  12. This is one of my favorite Chinese dishes growing up and even now. My aunties and restaurants always chopped up a whole chicken with bones in it but I prefer it this way boneless a lot better. I just never know what sauces/spice and the amounts for ingredients so it would come out disappointingly bland, not very good tasting, not close to how it's suppose to taste, or way too salty so I gave up. Even though you said you're not here for the recipes, but I am here for the recipes and glad you are on YouTube. I like following your tips and mostly your easy cooking methods that uses the least amount of dishes because I don't like washing dishes too. Thank you for showing us another nostalgic dish!

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