Sliding Barn Door | Red Hot Building

‘Red Hot Building’ is back and hotter than ever, and today, Rated Red’s Amanda Mertz and Ashla Taylor show you how to build a sliding barn door.
Check this out!!!
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PE – Paxton Elrod; IG/Twitter – @paxton_elrod
AM – Amanda Mertz; IG/Twitter – @amandamertz
AB – Alabama Boss; IG/Twitter – @realalabamaboss

30 Replies to “Sliding Barn Door | Red Hot Building”

  1. Somebody could work on a ride lawn or earn a knee you can grab it up on top workout and unneeded

  2. This Channel Rocks! Yeah, she's hot.. like really Hot. But the guy that thought this whole thing threw is a Genius!

  3. My grandfather used to" make antiques" out back in his shop. He distressed them with a clean bicycle chain. Smack the boards a few times with the chain in a few approproate places that would normally take the wear and there you go. He also used a really, really small drill bit to bore “worm holes”. His finish of choice was boiled linseed oil mixed with about 1/3rd turpentine. Warming the wood in the sun and warming the mixture, the turpentine really helped the linseed oil soak in.

  4. thats cool great job real talk much respect keep up the great work for real much respect from ur boy buddha out of WACO TEXAS EricMGarcia

  5. She always wear the same Yoga Pants… Maybe just for showing the ass up on Camera. Looks very desperate

  6. Place some neodymium magnets to hold door closed. Two on bottom of door will keep it from swinging from pressure change when other shop doors are used. JB Weld holds well, or buy magnets with screw holes.

  7. Oh oui attache moi et Mets moi des coups de chaînes de scie circulaires et des coups de maillet

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