Kyle Lamb Viking Tactics discussing Salient Arms

Kyle Lamb with Viking Tactics discusses the Smith and Wesson M&P pistols he sent to the guys at Salient Arms International.

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  1. Love this video. Love the game to that we go Sci-Fi while staying realistic to what we know if physics and science that we know of.

    Maybe in the future we'll be smarter, but the heater great thing about science fiction is what we know of now plus what we can think of.

    Keep being videos of this and I will watch them. In the future, I hope we're smart enough not to need guns like this, but until then, everything you know will help humanity as a whole.

  2. I'm a subscriber and a fan of your content. I respect your contribution to the community of responsible gun owners and I think you offer invaluable insight on the cutting edge of the tools, techniques and trends of our mutual passions. However I just came from @salientarmsinternational on IG where their latest add depicts a CHILD BEING MURDERED BY SANTA CLAUS IN HER LIVING ROOM. I cannot in good conscience support anything or anyone who endorses a company with such utter disregard for human decency and the hard fought respect and integrity I believe our community tries to uphold and lobby for. I have objected on @salientarmsinternational page and received a response labeling me a, 'snowflake' to which I've responded, that if dipictions of little girls being murdered earns me such a sobriquet, I'll wear it proudly. I sincerely hope you address this concern in the coming days and re-examine your relationship with @salientarmsinternational. I look forward to your response.

  3. U shoot someone, the cops and da's office will own ur gun till after the trail… months maybe even years. They can take my stock glock/m&p with trigger upgrade any day.

  4. Mr. Lamb, much respect, thanks for your service. So are you saying at the end of the video that out of the box you've seen better accuracy from a Glock?

  5. Reliability is subjective.. for the average shooter the only fires 250 rounds a year and and they clean it after every 50 rounds they're 1911 may have 100% reliability but for the rest of us who live in the real world and shoot 500 or more before cleaning the reliability of the 1911 drastically drops

  6. Love how he had them make him 3 different guns. How long did that take? By regular people waiting times that would take like 5 years! Funny I know people been waiting 22 months for the GRY still no idea when its supposed to arrive. I spoke to several distributors who have been waiting 6-7 months for their shipment to arrive. Go with Agency Arms if you want to actually be able to purchase a great gun on a Glock platform.

  7. 0:43LoL they call it "TIER 1" even though a match-grade barrel isn't standard on it. Given that info, why make a video?
    I like how Mr. Lamb here fails to mention any of the other obvious benefits to shooters regarding barrel changes… but I suspect that match-grade barrel probably still uses polygonal rifling and lacks full chamber support like other after market barrels. The fact that the barrel upgrade isn't standard strongly implies that this is the case.

  8. Oh and by the way……fuck the 1911.. lol ahhaaaa good work Kyle! Love the channel!

  9. I've shot a lot of pistols, the most reliable gun I've ever shot was a Kimber 1911, would take another one of those over a salient arms pistol.  They look nice, sound nice, but just because they painted the barrel and drilled slots and grooves in it doesn't make it worth that much money.  Just my experience.

  10. As for everyone ragging on the guy for saying 1911's are un-reliable. Think about this guys experience. Not only does he run classes, but I'd imagine he's seen a lot of experience with the 1911 with his military background. He didn't say all 1911's are un-reliable. He said "like some 1911's can be". Relax, take a step back and re-examine what is said before exploding into fits of unfounded rage.

  11. Would you not agree that for the same money as one of these you could have have an equally reliable 1911? I think so. Also what round did you use in your 9 mil on your hog hunt?

  12. SGM, have you noticed any reliability issues running a match barrel that's custom-fit in a non-sterile environement?

  13. i was like kyle lamb is awsome till he said 1911s are unreliable……..he can suck off on that note….thats just blasphamy

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