24 Replies to “Moving & Errands”

  1. This just motivated me to be consistent I don’t know what made me scroll all the way to the bottom of your very first video I guess I just wanted to be inspired I just started my YouTube channel LOL thanks so much for your consistency! I’ve been watching you all since 2015 ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Good afternoon my dear ! How are you? i really appreciate your YouTube channel how can be in collaboration , I'm in cape town south Africa if you feeling ok you can add WhatsApp 0027799943287 Thanks

  3. Ok so just like a lot of the newer comments, I'm a long time subscriber and just wanted to go back and just binge watch older videos. Love these ladies! ❤

  4. Rewatching y’all vlogs! For some reason I really enjoy the older vlogs way more. They were effortlessly done and seemed, idk… real!

  5. Wow! I can’t believe how far you guys have come! I feel the love is real now that I have made it to the first vlog! Love you guys!

  6. These old video bring back so many memories.Can you beautiful ladies bring back this intro for old time sake😂💚💜

  7. Kendra so cute and funny your eye shape is so so pretty and your makeup looks good too God bless I love the video🤗😎

  8. Happy Thanksgiving! ✨ I’m watching a Glamtwinz marathon ❤️ Starting from the very beginning (even though I watch y’all all the time, I haven’t seen the old ones lol) I’ll most likely be commenting on every video after I watch it 😂💋

  9. Just started watching y'all Vlogs about a year ago. I don't know why i never thought about watching the older vids. Its inspiring to witness the growth you ladies have made and yet still remain humble. Blessings know exactly who to flow to. Many more blessings and success to you both.

  10. I'm currently watching all your vlogs over again lol.. So much has changed for you guys. I'm praying to God for changes to come in my life too

  11. They have definitely changed over the years. McDonald's for a sweet tea to Starbucks 👍🏽😆 there's nothing wrong w change ! ✊🏽

  12. it's May 1, 2017 and I'm gonna watch all your vlogs until I can tell y'all apart without hints lol

  13. I am so glad that you two left these throw back videos on your channel these videos show the making of internet Stars and one day hopefully the big screen. Get with Tyler Perry in Atlanta he would luv you two!

  14. I had no idea you two had a vlog channel!!! I'm starting from the very beginning lol

  15. I love you guys so much I had to go back and start watching from the beginning lol

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