Smartphone Durability Awards 2022!

The most Durable (and Repairable) smartphones of 2022! Grab your ‘Think Dongle’ shirt here: To enter the phone giveaway – just leave a comment on this video. I will pick 1 random winner for each phone within the week. YouTube is not a sponsor of this contest. Lets take a look at the 2022 Smartphone Durability Award winners. Spoilers below:

My Teardown Grip Case from dbrand:

Most repairable smartphone of 2022 Pixel 7 Pro:
Least repairable smartphone of 2022 Z Flip 4:
Most innovative Smartphone Nothing Phone (1):
Best looking smartphone on the inside Pixel 7 Pro:
Least durable smartphone ROG 6 Pro:
Most Delusive Smartphone: Not this year.
Most durable smartphone AMG H5:

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  1. Happy New year!! Impressed how you contribute to the world and make an impact. More of this on 2023!!

  2. It's nice to see how pixel phones are improving every year and still be way more affordable than other phones of the same quality.

  3. I hope I win the giveaway Jerry. Thank you for the information you are always giving!

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