If you can’t smell, you probably can’t taste very well either. They are closely related functions.

Receptor cells for taste and smell are located in the mouth and nose, respectively.

As the receptor cells are stimulated, they send impulses from these organs to the brain’s smelling and tasting centers, the cortices.

For taste, impulses stimulated by the chemical compounds in food are sent to the gustatory cortex.

For smells impulses stimulated by the chemical compounds in odors are sent to the olfactory cortex.

As new compounds stimulate the receptors, the brain forms an odor memory bank so that it can recall the odors the next time they are present.


  1. The ability to smell and taste go together because odors from foods allow us to taste more fully. Take a bite of food and think about how it tastes. Then pinch your nose and take another bite. Notice the difference

  2. you think its BRILLIANT SCIENCE lol because you don't seem to know much about what u are looking at

  3. I was never able to smell, but i think my taste is kinda different. Soon i will go to the hospital to get some test and find out why i cant smell.

  4. I cant tast / smell anything witch i know it came from the coldi had for 5 days and its kinda funny now i cant smell my friends fart when i go in the toilet 😛

  5. funny cuz i had a burger a couple hours ago that mad me full and now im smelling it on my hand that im leaning on and im hungry again

    right now I have just noticed that I am unable to taste or smell anything at all! even if the smell is very strong I can't smell it!
    I am not taking any medications, my nose is not blocked however I have had a mild cold after a fever for 11 days straight now.

  7. this doesnt really explain how they are… i dont see god anywhere in there at all.

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