6-way shoulder exercise

Physical Therapist Demonstrates 6-way Shoulder exercise with Theraband.

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19 Replies to “6-way shoulder exercise”

  1. I have pretty much the same thing..they couldn't even explain to me what a slap tear is.

  2. I wish I found this vid 10 months ago….been in 'pt' for 10 months…they were using ICE on me…ICE for a FROZEN shoulder…now I have two…..I stopped and doin excersise on my own…
    thank you for the vid..

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  5. Is this what you'd use for a grade 2 AC separation? It's been 3 months and I'm still in mild pain.

  6. Super vid…but how can I get the diagrams mentioned? Cannot find them on the website….

  7. @cervelo58 i dont know why these people are sitting behind their computers judging you. I am a bodybuilder and my trainer has told me to do these exercises and to watch this video. So on behalf of the intelligent people that are training in the gym thank you for this video, it has been helpful in my future weight training.

  8. Wow, what a throwback! … a healthcare professional who really cares about helping people, not just profit. Thank you so much!…for helping me with my shoulders and for restoring my faith in the medical community! You're great!

  9. Most thankful for this video. I have problem with my right shoulder and I have got huge help with these kind of exericises. I made a mistake when I stopped doing these.. and pain came back, after chest-shoulder workout. Now, I started once again these shoulder-rehab exercises. Very good and clear video, thank you!

  10. jeez people need to stop bashing this guy. he's doing this to help people out for crissakes!

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