South African Food is RIDICULOUS!! (Taste Test) | Sorted Food

In today’s episode, we deep dive into all things South African cooking with our good friend and Chef Patrick! Cooking methods, interesting ingredients & much more, we explore it all!

Check out Patrick on Instagram @Paddy_chef

And check out his restaurant Kudu here:
Instagram: @kudurestaurant


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14 Replies to “South African Food is RIDICULOUS!! (Taste Test) | Sorted Food”

  1. For some reason I got the mad idea of having a mango and chili chutney with fish and chips.

  2. The "boerewors" is very similar to the Dutch "verse worst" (literal translation "fresh sausage", as in "unprepared sausage"), which is very common in the Netherlands, specially in its Eastern parts. I've also enjoyed it in family style restaurants the Pennsylvania Dutch area around Lancaster.

  3. I'm a little astounded the boys have never had Amarula before! I recognised it as soon as Jamie lifted the cloche. The last time I bought some was even in the UK, because I couldn't find it here in Germany. 😅

  4. I love seeing familiar stuff around! Amarula is very known here in Brazil, the story about the animals getting hammered is absolutely insane I love it hahaha it does look like Bailey’s, I always mistook one for the other before I understood they were different

  5. I am South African and have been watching this channel for year! This was so special and fun to watch 🇿🇦

  6. @SortedFood. Please come and visit South Africa. Especially the Western Cape (Cape Town, Stellenbosch, Franschhoek, Somerset West) we have AMAZING restaurants, outstanding wines, spectacular scenery, beaches, and I am sure there are enough fans that will be able to give you enough recommendations/accomodations/rides etc…

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