Stacking the Deck (Bottom Deal)

Learn how to stack a deck of cards with the infamous bottom deal.

Foundations –
Foundations 2 –

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22 Replies to “Stacking the Deck (Bottom Deal)”

  1. My favorite part has to be when he recommends "Foundations" when he has clearly never watched any kind of gambling DVD in his life. he's probably never even read a good magic book.

  2. Your rythm is horrible. Also the grip you use is straight shit.
    Hopefully no one learns this technique from you.

  3. Wow! Jerek…we don't know each other but I think you are a talented kid and would like to share some free advice from an old card man. Delete this video! First off you are teaching the straddle Grip bottom deal…which is fine…but you arent teaching it correctly. And since you are pointing people to Foundations, (which doesn't teach the straddle grip), I would think you would have seen it yourself. If so, you wouldn't be doing this video. Take it down buddy. It makes you look bad…you are better than this. If you want another opinion, ask Asad.

  4. do you know what stacking the deck even means? it means to place the cards in an order that controls the outcome of the game. the bottom deal has nothing to do with stacking the deck.

  5. it is however possible to bottom deal with. the cut card it is called the greek deal

  6. Really bad bottom deal. You should first master the technique that you want to teach and then teach it like for example Asad from 52kards. He has way more experience than you and he is better magician

  7. No really…before watching this video i thought my bottom deal was poor…but really…why are you posting a tutorial if your bottom deal looks like this?? I really apreciate almost everything that you do but sometimes it's better not to publish things like these…

  8. Why is every one ripping on his bottom deal its awesome! If you went to a play a poker game with some friends and do his method you will never get caught! Because people who don't know about magic or sleight of hand techniques are very easily to. I learned this technique just to try it out to see if its good enough to fool people and it was my time to deal and when i bottom deal the way he did it, I won the round and no one called me out or noticed anything fishy. But of course if you should a other magician a trick utilizing this bottom deal of course the other magician would call you out and tell you your bottom dealing sucks!

  9. Great tutorial! Thanks for the little details as in the small errors that can happen when one is practicing. It makes me think "well I'm not the only one struggling with the sound, etc". Jaja

  10. LOL this is so bad
    even my 6 years old brother asked me why did he put the card from the bottom

  11. Good handling, but I prefer double fingered dealer's grip, which gives more smoothness. It makes things looks natural.

  12. If you're gonna slow down like that when bottom dealing, deal everybody's cards more slowly.

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