Spring // Summer lookbook 2015!

What’s you’re favorite outfit?

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where are you from? im half swedish half english.
where do you live? Sweden.
how old are you? 16
when is your birthday? 1999 March the 29th
editor: cyberlink power director and windows movie maker
camera: JVC HD everio

14 Replies to “Spring // Summer lookbook 2015!”

  1. You are lovely and bright and beautiful! You seem like you'd not be just a girlfriend, but also a BEST friend, and that's priceless! <3

  2. you're so pretty omg you look like Chloë Grace Moretz and Ashley Benson had a baby

  3. this is so awesome, it inspired my friend and I to film a lookbook 🙂 we would be so happy if you checked it out<3

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