Steak cooked in butter! @ThatDudeCanCook

In this video, is about a recipe for steak in butter,

My channel is dedicated to creating recipes and preparing various dishes from around the world. It has short videos in which you can easily cook from scratch.
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Steak cooked in butter! @ThatDudeCanCook ​

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  1. Looks like comment section doesn’t know what is ghee. You don’t need drink it as shots, but to cook steak is gold. Also you will get lots of amazing flavored ghee with high smoke point. Google it

  2. after you clogg an artery of the heart, it take a Stent to open it back up and then every couple of years you have to do the procedure again. This is serious, not everyone knows that what they see is just for videos, some people will do it just because they saw it. Let's save some people by just not over doing it or by not posting overly unhealthy things. (Just my humble opinion)

  3. Albert, your videos are truly satisfying and interesting. Thank you for making content for others.

  4. Appart from having my arteries clogged i got ear cancer

  5. Bro when it made the alarm sound got scared bc when I'm sleeping my alarm make me scared

  6. “Son, butter your bacon” But Dad, my heart hurts. “Buuuuuutter iiiittttttttttttt!”

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