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  1. Hi friends. Results here: sorry this took so long #results

    Sorry it took so long im a nut and completely forgot to post the results here IM BACK TO UPLOADING AGAIN EEE show love!! And YES SORRY i dye my hair pink in every video but its bc I literally do it like every other week irl to maintain the color heheh hope its not too boring i try to make it fun<3 LOVE U

  2. Let’s stop talking about the hair and let’s start talking about the shirt. How did she not get it dirty????

  3. Just a tip you would’ve worked better if you bleach your hair first????

  4. so happy someone is doing this! i’m a red/strawberry blonde, and i haven’t seen ONE person dye their hair that color! omg wow!❤ ????????‍????

  5. The video before this someone said "whats your opinion about girls with colored hair" "i would f the shii out of them" ????????????????

  6. That is not going to be strawberry blonde. It's gonna be slightly pink on brown.

  7. Me:I want to let my hair grow out and have my natural hair color
    Also me: I need this right now

  8. Why you got a light shirt on? Honestly i don't have enough self trust for that.

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