Suzie's New Transfer Foils – Showcased On Holo Taco Polish!

Transform your nails into a beautiful new look FAST.
My new Transfer Foils are available to everyone, both DIY’s and Pro’s! ????
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Watch me learn to create beautiful 3D looking flowers using the One Stroke Technique from fabulous nail artist Olga Khazova:

Thanks to the talented composers, musicians and producers who created the music used in this video!
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00.33 Rain On The Leaves by In This World ▵
04.00 Cats And Dogs Living Together by Dresden, The Flamingo ▵
04.05 Neo by Brent Wood ▵
06.56 The Changing Tides by Brent Wood ▵
07.34 Whistle by Lunareh ▵
07.47 Dancing With A Stranger by Lunareh ▵

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21 Replies to “Suzie's New Transfer Foils – Showcased On Holo Taco Polish!”

  1. Had me at "NAIL ART"
    …I appreciate the amount that you get with each design!!I have always struggled a bit with clear foils to transfer.Transfer gels can be tricky…will you be coming out with more foils??

  2. My tip for foils is to make sure the nail is completely cool. I wait about 5 minutes. Foils sticks every time. Also, I absolutely LOVE matte topcoat over floral foils. Stunning. Can you do a set?

  3. Hi Ryan's mom Sam here…. I love transfer foils they are so handy but can I just say that I have some of these foils I got them from Makart they are identical especially the one you used so I just assume they come from a big retailer ????they are so pretty though ????❤

  4. I love transfer foils because I can't hand paint. Gorgeous nails ????????

  5. I didnt know you could layer gel on top of nail polish ???? this changes alot of things for meee. How that means i could file off the top layer and remove the bottom nail polish with acetone with no nail damage am i correct?????

  6. Oooh. I bet if you marble the green and blue in the background it would look pretty also.

  7. I thought you couldn't put gel products over nail polish? I'm confused I love all your new foils though,they're beautiful ????

  8. So very pretty. I just ordered some from you. I love watching you. I am getting pretty good at doing my nails, just from watching you. Thank you so much.

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