Tape up 4 Dollar Store mats (BRILLIANT!)

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16 Replies to “Tape up 4 Dollar Store mats (BRILLIANT!)”

  1. Spend twelve dollars on crap and finish up with a crappy twelve dollar eye-sore. ????
    . .loved the cheap crappy bedhead though.????

  2. Simple explanation: “Take fifty dollars, buy a number of tacky poorly constructed products, cut them to pieces, layer on some very tacky obvious cheap fake flowers, put it all together with the most irritating crap background music you can find and make a mint on views.” Welcome to the butt side of YouTube.

  3. Boy I am truly happy. Hap hap happy. But I found your site. I am over-the-moon excited with the things that you can do. I hope that I can do you proud just by pulling off one of your many talents. Thank you so much for sharing with us your Many-Splendored things!!! ????

  4. 8 million dollars later and still at the end not one idea with Dollar Store mats ! Barnum & Bailey were right. There IS one born every day.

  5. The hot wheels idea was cute. The “L” design-I did a similar one last year (great minds ????). And the picture frame idea was another cute one.

  6. Очень плохая музыка! Невозможно смотреть! Можете поменять на хорошую, чтобы было приятно смотреть?

  7. What is the pink product that you used on the round vase, that turned white and you sanded? Please and thank you ????

  8. True Robin Hoods & Joan of Arch's for the consumers. So creative & helpful with FUN. Amazingly over the top diys that makes me proud of my creativity work instead of shopping for like items. Really cool & thank ????. Bless????ngs

  9. Oh I agree! Please slow down & show what the item is as to the paint, glue etc? I couldn't catch any of them! Love the outcome though.

  10. Agreed on too fast. Complete waste of time to watch. Why people post these videos is beyond me.

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