Team Strength Project- Training in the Rain

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26 Replies to “Team Strength Project- Training in the Rain”

  1. Im training to do a hand stand i can do a lot of break dancing i can do a head stand hand stand on the wall flip and windmill

  2. Strenght Prject is Alive Again? 😀 I Think there's missing an "o"! :3 Anyway nice video! I'm gonna check this kind of training out! 🙂

  3. If any one of us can do it. Any of us can do it. Mental, physical, emotional. 1% at a time you can improve ANY situation your facing 100% in 100 days.  Great dedication and work has created a fantastic outcome for you fellows.  Great job and thank you for sharing this with the world.  -J

  4. I wish I could have an oppurtunity to train with you guys.I want to learn what you have learned

  5. Just wondering if Australia is ever one of your stops. Do you travel exclusively only in the US?

  6. What's the first move called where Arash holds Sam up in a handstand? Thank you!

  7. i see this video around 5 times and until now i notice on says "Strenght Prject is Live Again" at 3:52

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  9. That's serious like Genious-Crazy yo!!!!……. Made it to that Platform of WoW!

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