That Viral Tik Tok Smashed Croissant Thingie

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This is one version of this croissant thingie I saw, but there are many others.:

15 Replies to “That Viral Tik Tok Smashed Croissant Thingie”

  1. You’re the only reason our family started eating that viral baked feta pasta thing. And we always love it!

  2. as a non-binary viewer, your sign off always makes me smile 🙂 thank you Kenji

  3. Yes, please scour the internet for all things esoteric and cook the hell out of it. Go Kenji!

  4. Kenji, you need to do more of these viral video tests, this is great!

  5. Could you do a video on how to make those sandwiches/meat spreads from All'Antico Vinaio? They've been viral before, but I've never seen someone attempt to make those sandwiches at home

  6. I'm sure this is very tasty, but it hurt to see him flatten the croissant like that

  7. What is the point of croissants? It's the same thing as sourdough, Bread but it's 80% air and no flavour…Like why bother when we have white bread already?!

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