The Asylum Sweep

There are a few names for this sweep (we had called it the Aarmyle and guys over at lockflow call it “capt Hook”. Eddie said “we call that the Asylum at Legends gym. So, in order to TRY and keep the names consistent with 10PJJ HQ, here it is: the Asylym

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  1. it's a nice sweep cause in some judo clubs (like the ones in my school) do not allow chokes, armlocks, and stuff like that. so no sankaku for you. awesome video

  2. @dalhousie44 i usually use this when their stacking on me when im applying the triangle

  3. Why not just go for the triangle, your left knee is basically in front of his right shoulder, so why not just pop it over and go for a finish?

  4. This is a really cool and interesting technique, but I'm curious, if I'm that close to a triangle, why not just go for the triangle?

  5. @reedb13 you would get the sweep, but you wouldn't have as many submissions readily available without doing the zombie first.

  6. when u go for the crucifix and u make his head go forward is that considered a neck crank???

  7. now when u go for the crucifix and his head moves like that is that considered a neck crank

  8. when you're at the position @ 2:26, couldn't you just throw the leg thats on his hip over your foot and get a triangle?

  9. @predator101101 i don't think they have any 10planetjj's in Ireland. Yeah it CAN be bad for your knees if you aren't flexible. As long as you are flexible enough to do it, it shouldn't affect your knees. If you're not flexible and you're constantly torquing your knees, it can have effects on your knees

  10. This is part of a whole sweep system i've seen eddie do and i've fallen in love with – which involve using your foot behind his back from guard or whatever and hooking the arm. If you do it fast and confidently it leaves people with a puzzled look on their face as you take mount or their arm

  11. this sweep is amazing in theory and has so many ways to attack from it(even my favourite move, triangles from full mount) but i was wondering(as i dont practise 10th planet myself) whats the percentage roughly on this working? also are there any 10th planet clubs in the northern ireland area? and lastly, i've heard some bad things about the 10th planet system(i.e. its very rough on the knee's) could you shed any light on this for me please?

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