Sambo Technique: Victor Roll Leg Locks by Reilly Bodycomb
Reilly Bodycomb of New York Combat Sambo demonstrates the ‘Victor Roll” or how to get the leg lock from a standing position.
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18 Replies to “Sambo Technique: Victor Roll Leg Locks by Reilly Bodycomb”

  1. Great video, I’d suggest upgrading your audio equipment if you plan to do more videos. I feel that the audio clarity is just as important as video if not more in keeping people’s attention.

  2. I wouldnt take NZSambo seriously. If you look threw his videos, there are a number of videos of people drilling moves outside on the grass, or in someones backyard onto an old mattress.

  3. This remind me of Sergei Dragunov's (from Tekken) Victor and Reverse Victor Clutch grapples lol.

  4. ….q…… you know why they make smith n wesson? …..a….. so straight dudes can keep the gay dudes from trying to wrestle withem..

  5. lol you're saying that to a world class grappler with more wins than you probably have years in your life. Good luck with that tough guy.

  6. @NZSambo goodness, i certainly wont try it on you then. i like my neck. thank you for the warning. =)

  7. I won't lie to you if someone was putting their leg in front of me I would have instinctively grabbed it too

  8. haha that was fuckin funny how u gave him ur leg and then laughed to ur cornerman…goodone

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