Building an invisible TV (4K)

Media setups aren’t usually this minimal! AD For more info on LG QNED mini LED TV :

Parts list:

Crazy-good DSP Amplifiers:


Mid drivers:


Lower cost but practically identical subwoofers:

For 5.1 audio, one amp needs an additional two inputs, which can be acheived with one of these (amp’s micro switch needs to be in the ‘S’ position)

The amps need a programming board to adjust their settings: which can be utilised with Sigma Studio (free software)

5.1 HDMI Audio decoder board:

Concealed hinges:


3D Plans (Sketchup):


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23 Replies to “Building an invisible TV (4K)”

  1. That is a beautiful build. also insperational. Im thinking stone wall paneling instead of frames because it fits the fire place theme. also is there space to add Philips hue Ambilight? I know it was sponsored by LG so it might be a weird thing to do, but you could have hidden lists around the inside of the TV and around the unit itself, no?
    I personally love the effect but some might not. That said I wish I had the skill and time to do something like this myself. One thing I was wondering though is why you still use a bluray player? and why its not a internal or external PC one, as it would save room for other things (Atmos?;) Doesn't the PS5 include a UHD blurayplayer (Im not a consol gamer so I honestly don't know).
    Wish I could hire you when I buy a house as an "interial designer" putting the builders to work:P

    Edit: Im not saying fake/foam stone wall panels are better in anyway just that just that it would be what I would go with if I was blessed enough to have something like this at my home.
    Awesome video.

  2. Sweet build! The seams where the doors come together looked fine to me before the attempt to hide them. Painted overlapping masking tape doesn’t seem like an ideal solution.

  3. Hi Matt U have done an awesome build for the tv and all the tech that surrouds it AND i suggest to u to put a little motor on top of the tv that allows those 2 windows to OPEN AND CLOSE without interfering like a soundless motor for the handles PLUS since u have room u can ADD slim cutted foams inside the upper part of the tv to block the sound of the motor and the consoles and the heavy pc put there . I THing adding these touches would be a big and an amazing setup for a sitting room .
    Other than that u ve a great job , and overtime u re going to see byurself things u could ve done better and things to add in future to enhance the overall experience .

  4. i would have a TV mounted inside the wall itself ,the building code wont like it but what they dont know wont hurt them

  5. Thats amazing! im not a audio specilist but i think that the centers lows shouldve been sent to the mids on the R+L channels. All i can think of how muddy itll sound with a deep voice on screen

  6. I like this except that our living room is no longer catered to just one tv. We place our big tvs close to the ceiling and have desks with dual screens below and then recliners behind us. This is a true set up. I would like to see some kind of build like this where the recliner has a small touch screen that can toggle screens at the desk or big screen. Some thing set up for when you are at the desk working or relaxing in the recliner.

  7. Does this LG have display ports? From what I understand DP is way better than Hdmi. My new computer has 2 display ports and one HDMi. I could have opted for 3 DP, My big screen is still HDMI.

  8. I started here with the glowing mushrooms. Now look at him, fighting the laws of the universe for esthetically pleasing living rooms.

  9. This is super, except I am a headphone users, I do not care about 5.1 or any type of speakers. I have been a headphone users since I became an adult. My big screen tv is set up for use with my Bluetooth headphones.

  10. And the only time this is ever closed is in the making of this video…what a waste of time and resources.

  11. You forgot one thing: motorized hinges so you can [also] open it with a remote (closing it won't usually matter), eg, if you wake up (in the living-room, bedroom, wherever you put this) and want to watch something but don't feel like getting up to open it. (It might also help avoid needing a magnet or latch to hold the doors open as the speakers vibrate, though you could probably fix that by angling it so the doors "fall" towards the wall.) – Let's hope nobody puts anything on that "shelf" in front of the doors.

  12. That masking tape trick caught me off-guard by how good it turned out, brilliant as always love your work and congratz again for the sponsor!

  13. You make it look so easy. I'd love to own a setup like this. I'd definitely spray those hinges the same dark colour as used for the rest of it.

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