The FIRST (actually second) Thing You Should Do on a New Homestead to ENSURE GARDENING SUCCESS!

Don’t miss this important first step!

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This easy composting method is easy to set up, whether you own or rent. You can make a DIY compost bin from pallets and zip ties in just a few minutes, especially if you have good help! Making compost is as easy as throwing stuff on the ground – but if you have a way to contain it, you can keep compost safe from roving animals. If the pallets have too many gaps in them and you have issues with rats, mice, possums or feral giraffes getting into the compost, just staple some hardware cloth to the sides of the bin and cover it with a fifth pallet. Make compost fast with a pallet compost bin, the super-easy way!

22 Replies to “The FIRST (actually second) Thing You Should Do on a New Homestead to ENSURE GARDENING SUCCESS!”

  1. Don't miss this important first step! Or second step. Or maybe third, after planting fruit trees.

    You can get Compost Everything: The Good Guide to Extreme Composting here:

    Thank you for watching!

  2. That awesome pond looks like a perfect place to throw a buzzbait or hollow body frog. Large Mouth Bass haven!!

  3. I made a compost bin out of some old wood a few years back it worked good for a few years but the termites ate it. so for something to last i built a new one out of cement blocks, i made a cement base with a tube in it with holes. it on a slight angle. the tube sticks out the bottom side. this gives air to the bottom and i drilled holes in the sides to bring in air. Now if i want some compost tea i just add water to the top of the compost and compost tea comes out the tube into a container. works great can made 5-10 gallons in a couple of hours. very rich. Keep up the good David God Bless

  4. OH yes! I made one of those back in 1994 and used the same one until 7 years ago. It worked great. Now I have a "fancy" one made out of sections of hog panels. I'm coming up in the world!

  5. Watching this with Fall Into You playing in another tab 🙂 congratulations, May God continue to bless you and allow you to put some roots down here permanently!

  6. People underestimate the power of fungi until they have a compost pile….bugs are fine but the fungus has properties which extract minerals, redistribute them, and hold extra water in it’s mycelium. Imperative for better growth and if you’re not doing it nature is doing it without you…….no need to stop nature.

  7. So exciting! Like unwrapping Christmas packages, peeling that sod away. God is good ❤️

  8. For a few years, as I started gardening here at my home, I couldn't figure out quite why I had such amazing results. I've seen things that I haven't seen in many other gardens happen here. Incredible growth, super harvests on heavily vegatated plants that just seem to keep going and going, side shoots and bushiness on plants that shouldn't neccessarily be able to support the kind of growth they do, just unbelievable things that I've learned aren't always normal or average for most. I studied up and came to a few conclusions. First, my home was a cattle farm for many, many years. Second, the farm yard and house yard are surrounded by forest. Third, I'm in a old glacial area with deep mineralization. I'm right next to a lake. And in the later years of the cattle farm, the grass and weeds were left to go wild…. growing up, dying down, creating layers of goodness on top of goodness, tree roots pulling up minerals, layers of leaf mulch and composted tree waste. But what ties it all together is the humic activity. I amend and add to what seems a inexhaustable resource because I don't ever want to lose this incredible wonder I have been blessed with. I makes me happy every year I'm able to get out and use this incredible gift. The least I can do is try my best to replenish it.
    Keep up the good work. I'm very glad for you that you are in a place that makes you happy too.

  9. Looks to me like you've got yourself a patio and space for a greenhouse as well as a possible outdoor kitchen area. Congrats on the new homestead and that beautiful looking soil! What an exciting adventure you're going on! I feel so privileged being able to watch the journey and learn! Welcome back! God truly is great! This is a huge blessing!

  10. Missed you guys. Happy you're in your own home. Can't wait to see your new adventures…👍👍😊😊💕💕


  12. I’ll run up there with a skid steer and a mini excavator. Let’s get that stuff out!

  13. I found an entire sidewalk of slab underneath my yard. I found dozens of big beautiful stones so heavy I could barely lift them. It was fun!

  14. Congratulations on the new Property, David! So I guess the melon land race will begin anew? I planted one of two packets of Seminole Pumpkin seeds and they are off to the races. Can't wait to see what we get.

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