The Kiss Trick (Tutorial)

Use to your discretion, I am a firm believer that this should be used as a CRUTCH while working your confidence up to NOT NEED MAGIC to manipulate sexual interests.
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29 Replies to “The Kiss Trick (Tutorial)”

  1. Unfortunately im in uae dubai if i do this and ask for kiss i wil get powerfyl slap and maybe go to jail for a week lol

  2. why do black people have the tendency to run away when a magician does something awesome?!!!
    that's just messed up!!

  3. If everyone in the world knew at least one good magic trick the world would be a more interesting place.

  4. dude I think it's really important you know how much you have helped so many people, I have so much more confidence and can do some pretty awesome sleight of hand!

  5. What would it take to meet you and have you do some tricks for me and my friends? And teach me a few pointers? I'm a HUGE fan!

  6. Haha nice, great performance and control of the environment just using a simple control and double lift. That's the difference between good and bad magician. We have to control the pace and environment too.

  7. Lol this must be relating to that Stuart edge kid who makes every trick into getting a girls number or getting a kiss. Hahahah!

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