The 'Mise En Place' Challenge | MasterChef Canada | MasterChef World

The home cooks get a lesson in ‘mise en place’ which is a French term to have all ingredients prepped and ready for cooking.
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29 Replies to “The 'Mise En Place' Challenge | MasterChef Canada | MasterChef World”

  1. Sean could definitely replace Salt bae but he needs to practice to NOT smell good that is being tenderized.

  2. I swear all the contestants on Masterchef Canada are either Asian, transgender or fat women

  3. Sean Hinkys only shining moment. No one forgot what you did to those ribs!

  4. For all of yall who want to see the chefs do it you guys need to understand that they all started their culinary career by doing this same task

  5. Veronica is so annoying all she says is “I’m a lawyer so I work good under pressure” it’s so annoying

  6. Domingo – I choose quality
    Judges and quality – we don't choose you …

  7. WTF?!! I'm a well-honed home cook for some 40 years, and no, I've never worked under the pressure of a commercial kitchen, but there's just no way I could have all that done to these specs within that time limit!! Further, I tend to doubt that any exec chef would demand that short a time limit from their chefs, regardless of how busy they are. It just seems a little ridiculous to me.

  8. I swear Robin is so nonchalant. Like bro her face was like 'finally im outta here.' or 'idc' lol

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