The MOST UNDERRATED Clothing Brands Right Now

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Brands mentioned:
1. Merely Made:
2. Abercrombie & Fitch:
3. Our Legacy:
4. Colorful Standard:
5. King & Tuckfield:
6. Lemaire:

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Shot with:
– Canon EOS R6:
– Canon RF 24-70mm F2.8 L IS USM Lens:

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29 Replies to “The MOST UNDERRATED Clothing Brands Right Now”

  1. You are promoting Abrocombie & Fitch ? They are hella racist not to mention they are fat phobic against anyone not looking like a lean angus sirloin steak

  2. I thought it was just me noticing A&F having solid pieces that will last over years now!

  3. Hmmmm… to round out a Top 10, I'd add:

    Schott NYC: From New York

    3Sixteen: From Los Angeles

    Private White V.C.: From the UK

    Casatmantic: From South Africa

    De Bonne Facture: From Paris

    That would make 11, but they're worth checking out ?

  4. Great video Tim! Some are out of my budget but it's nice to be introduced to some new brands ??

  5. idk i might be a lil biased, but penshoppe and bench* pretty good too
    both brands based in the philippines and very good quality clothes
    i havent gotten too many clothes from there, but the clothes that I have are my favourites cuz of the quality and look

    *its actually BENCH/ and not BENCH. but itll be hard to find, u would have to search "bench philippines" then it should pop up
    otherwise it would just show the british brand

  6. A&F has become a staple for me. Their basics are very very good. I stay away from their blended fabrics though.

  7. I would add "Huni Design" and "Ola Kala" to the list. I really like the Elysium collection from Ola Kala, and in my opinion, the cardigan is the best piece of 2022

  8. Colorful Standard is growing on me a lot, find myself really liking the faded black lines. Another UK brand found that's criminally underrated would be Bound, they make some beautiful textured knitwear designs with relaxed silhouettes (along with some clean minimal options for shirts/ trousers). Honestly I think I've gotten the most compliments when wearing their pieces so I'd say that's a very good sign too. I can't speak for the pants they produce but their shirts are incredibly comfy and I'd say even say underpriced for the quality I feel you get.

  9. I'd add HARE and RAGEBLUE to the list of underrated brands since I don't see them getting mentioned at all almost anywhere. they're Japanese brands that focus on Japanese street fashion. I've got a few pieces from both brands and I've fallen in love with the style and the fit of them. You can find both brands on the online distributor store – dotst ログイン.

  10. Great video as always, although I'd have to disagree with you on Our Legacy & Lemaire being 'underrated'. Of course this is purely subjective based on what criteria you're using, but they're both quite popular and well-respected. Both have consistently put out collections for more than 15 years, it would be hard for someone into fashion to be blindsided by them and not notice their influence.

  11. Would love to hear your opinion on the brand Percival.. fairly well priced, lots of celebrities seen wearing them (The Rock, alot of Avengers etc.). Be great to hear your thoughts on the style and quality.

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