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If you are watching this video, you are looking for the only “how to get abs” video you need. In this video, I am going to show you how to identify what your ab potential is the right way to get them to show. You might be surprised at what it takes to finally carve out the abs that you are looking for.

First, it starts with the anatomy of the abdominals. You have to understand that the rectus abdominis is broken up into compartments by not only the linea alba, but by tendinous intersections. The linea alba is what dissects the abs down the middle of the rectus with the tendinous intersections crossing perpendicular to the linea alba to create the compartments, or abs, that you see.

Here is the interesting thing; studies on cadavers have shown that 97% of subjects had the linea alba and tendinous intersections make up what we visualize as a 6 pack. 6 pack abs are the most common with extra compartments making up 8 pack abs and 10 pack abs occurring at 1.5% each.

The important thing to note is that every single cadaver studied had not only the linea alba, but the bare minimum of tendinous intersections to make up a six pack. So for anyone that thinks that they do not have the genetic capability of having abs, you are dead wrong. Everyone has the ability to have abs (as we all have them), it just requires the right amount of body fat to be showing.

What kind of abs you have; whether they are six pack abs, an 8 pack, or even the ultra rare 10 pack abs – is dependent on genetics. In short, it is not something that you can control, but you can identify your potential by feeling where the tendinous intersections are on your midsection. As a matter of fact, you can find the top row of the intersections at about a two finger distance below your chest.

Some people believe that they don’t have abs because even at leaner levels of body fat, their ab muscles aren’t showing. Now, as mentioned previously, everybody has abs whether they are covered in body fat or not. However, the appearance of them comes down to training and nutrition. If the body fat levels are low but the abs are not showing, that shouts an answer to me right away.

In your pursuit of how to get a 6 pack, you are not training your abs properly.

Like any other muscle in the body, the muscles of the rectus abdominis can be hypertrophied and grown with the proper training stimulus. I find that most people that don’t have visible abs at lower body fat levels are not applying the three main methods of hypertrophy to the abs like they do the rest of the muscles in the body. The abs respond in the same way that the biceps or pecs do and thus they need to be taken through these methods of hypertrophy to show prominently.

With tension overload, that means weighted ab movements and exercises need to be included in your training plan. This can be done with weights such as a dumbbell, a plate, or a medicine ball. However, one of the best ways to do this, especially with the lower abs is by using your legs as weight. Hanging ab exercises are a great way to overload the lower abs using nothing but your legs for the source of tension.

Another way of applying overload to the abs is through the use of eccentrics. This is one of the most underutilized methods of hypertrophy for getting abs and is one that should not be overlooked. This can be done with the use of a physioball or even a band anchored high (on a pullup bar for example).

The last driver of hypertrophy is metabolic stress. This can come in multiple forms but I think the most practical way is to increase the frequency of your ab training. The abs can trained every day and I think that is the right way to train them, however, it doesn’t need to be for long. You can get a solid overload and stimulus in just 6 minutes a day and I feature many ab workouts on my channel in this format to make sure that you are not spending an excessive amount of time training your abs.

if you want to know how to get abs, you can do all the ab training in the world and it will be for nothing if you don’t get your body fat levels down to where they need to be in order for them to show. The only way to do this is to be in a hypocaloric state and that means to be eating less food than you are now. Excessive body fat will always be the number one reason why your abs don’t show, regardless of what training you do for them. So if you want your 6, 8, or 10 pack abs to show; you better get your nutrition in check.

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  2. Jeff, what would cause ab cramping around areas 1 & 2 when training them? I’ve adjusted for possible dehydration but still stuck. Any help would be appreciated.

  3. I've been stressing out about my "4 pack" abs. After loosing 50 pounds since 2015, I finally decided that loose skin was keeping me from ever seeing my abs since my waist had balloned to 48" and in 2021 I had a tummy tuck and now two years later have continued to stay lean and my waist is at 30" (first thing in the morning). I can only achieve a 4 pack with weighted crunches and isometric cable holds for obliquies. They are very chiseled but I think my genetics are just suited for a 4 pack since by now all the swelling from surgery should have subsided. If I thought I had 20 pounds to loose, I'd go for it to get 6 pack abs but 30" is probably as lean as I need to be in the waist period.

    What's funny is when I dieted down to 163 pounds 3 years before the surgery, I could see a 6 pack right after training abs but the loose skin would quickly cover that up once the ab training pump had disappeared. My waist was no where near 30" so I'm still a little confused as to why I only have a 4 pack now. My wife say I look really good and to stop worrying about it!

  4. Are you able to do a video for ab workouts if you have a herniated disc in lower back? ❤

  5. I need to start cardio sessions and decrease beer consumption. ????

  6. I did not understand the part where you told due to underdeveloped chest the 6 pack visually appears 4 pack. The follow up question would be of how can I fix it because I too have that problem. Would love to have a video on it

  7. I think I only have a two pack but also my chest is super hard to feel and develop cuz I started off as a skinny fat no chest guy -_- and Im almost 5 months in with still no chest pretty much in comparision to even an average guy it feels like.

  8. Hi Jeff, I watched your daily eating but you never showed what you drink. Do you drink anything for breakfast, lunch, dinner or in between? And if yes what is it?

  9. You guys are geeks ???? just fucking do core workouts and eat healthy that’s all stop looking for get ab quick schemes if it was easy, then everybody would have one

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