14 Replies to “The proper technique to cut Artichokes | MyHealthyDish”

  1. Seems like a fair amount of work for a small taste of flavor
    But, folks go "gaga" over these so I will make them too

  2. I like how you bake yours! My filipino mom would boil them and we dip them in mayonaise…getting to the "heart" of the artichoke was my favorite!

  3. I have mixed feelings about artichokes because they taste good but they take a lot of time to eat and cook. I'm picky and it's one of the few greens I eat without any problem but, at the same time, I don't want to spend half an hour eating half an artichoke

  4. We stuff ours with day old Italian bread, olive oil, anchovies, romano cheese, and then cook in pressure cooker, we dip in butter or on special occasions hollandaise sauce.

  5. Love to eat the artichoke hearts and make dips with it. It's worth eating the hearts of it yum!

  6. The furry stuff is called the choke. I’m guessing because you would choke on it. 😄

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