The TRUTH About Regrowing Veggies From Kitchen Scraps

We’ve all seen them – and I’ve even ROASTED some. The “viral hacks” about regrowing common plants from kitchen scraps. In today’s video, our resident horticulturist Chris actually regrew ALL of the common scraps to see what ACTUALLY happens and what that means for your garden.

00:00 – Intro
01:00 – Plant Morphology
01:24 – Seed To Tree
02:15 – Non Viable Seeds
03:34 – Vegetative parts
04:05 – Trying Scrap Experiment
09:19 – Stems
10:14 – Leaves
12:29 – Biennials & Flowering
13:01 – Plant Lifecycle
13:55 – Outro


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21 Replies to “The TRUTH About Regrowing Veggies From Kitchen Scraps”

  1. Hopefully this clears up some of the regrowing hacks you see out there on the internet! Stay tuned for more experiments 😉

  2. If something bolts, it doesn't mean the end. I have had several items bolt. They went to seed, and in undisturbed beds (no till), they seeded themselves and grew into food without much help at all on my part. I save a bunch of seeds as well.

  3. You absolutely can regrow certain veggies. Leeks, have went to seed this year. 3 from the grocer I now have seeds. Green onions have went to seed, amazing. Purple potatoes, shallots, tomato seeds. Those yummy Campari tomatoes, I grew tons. Things like carrots, as she said, a pollinators as well as you’ll get seeds! So yes, you can!

  4. I propogated a celery heart – i happened to get one that had enough root material still on it – and it got huge. I always propogate all my onions. After bolting, i use the heavier tasting cuttings in stocks, and collected seeds that i grew new plants (free) from – yes probably a little different from their parents, but tasty

  5. حاجه جميله اتمنى لك التوفيق

  6. I appreciate this video being less dismissive of regrowing thing. I personally love growing weird plants from scraps or seeds from the store. It's like an experiment lol. I grew a clementine tree from a seed (that it wasn't supposed to have) and it's been 7 years I'm hoping it flowers soon. Did the same with an apple tree, lemon tree and star fruit. Oh and dragon fruit

  7. I liked this video. And I liked Kevin's other videos on this subject. I've had great luck with the living lettuce the butter lettuce specifically. And I'm regrowing them in my leaf green stock planter pouches. I've done I've had a two for four success rate. And the ones that didn't succeed were because I cut off too much of the plant like I didn't leave any leaves growing in the center before I planted it.

  8. If you have a reptile as a pet, the regrown lettuce is great. Once it gets roots, just plant in your tank. It's pretty and edible.

  9. I managed to get some pumpkin seed from store-bought pumpkin to grow, although not very good rate (from 19 seeds, 6-7 sprouted, 3-4 still thrive).

    I have more success with water spinach (Ipomoea aquatica). I got 3 cutting that grew well. Now I get 4 extra one by allowing the nodes on the stems to touch the ground, which cause the root to sprout within a week. I wish I can put it in larger space but I only have a balcony.

  10. I have been experimenting for fun planting seeds from various things, so far the apple and tomato seeds have been growing well, the tomato plants are looking very healthy so I’m hoping they will actually get tomatoes on them. I collected seeds from store bought strawberries but they haven’t grown anything, has anyone else tried strawberries, I’m wondering if i took the seeds off the strawberry too soon or if it has anything to do with the strawberries being kept in the fridge 🤔 kiwi was the next one I was going to try.
    Another commenter suggested growing the carrot tops, letting them flower and collecting these seeds, which sounds like a great idea as you then have free seeds for the following season, but I’m wondering if these seeds would actually be viable. I love experimenting tho so I might try it.
    Edit – a few years ago I collected seeds from some bell peppers 🫑 and grew some great plants which I was able to collect peppers from

  11. Can we bring back the specified cate guides?!?! I loved those and they helped me so much when I first started and for some reason there are just certain plants I CANNOT keep alive! Lol I need your help!

  12. All I know is I’ve got all the spring onion I need. I just need one sprig for my omelet.

  13. So my best results have been from capsicum (Bell pepper) seeds, leek bases, spring onions, tomato seeds etc.

    Similar results 🙂

  14. The carrot won't give you a new carrot but it will give you greens, which will in time give you flowers wich will give you seeds which will give you carrots next year….

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