$2 Breakfast Sandwich Vs. $450 Breakfast Sandwich

Is a basic breakfast sandwich already perfect? I don’t know, let’s just throw money at it.

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16 Replies to “$2 Breakfast Sandwich Vs. $450 Breakfast Sandwich”

  1. You should do a STREET FOOD series, where you explore the street foods of various countries and see if you can do it really well at your place. Of course, most people won't have the ARSENAL of equipment needed… but that's not the point. It's about bringing Korea or France home. That sounds tantalizing.

  2. I can't be alone in thinking what the world needs is a Most Expensive cook off between Papa Josh and Mythical Chef Josh.

  3. Instructions unclear, went to the supermarket, bought bread and egg and they charged me $400

  4. I wouldn’t be opposed to seeing this as a series! Taking regular, everyday food, but turning it up to 10 and making a Michelin star version of it. Call it, “But Boujee”

  5. Hi Joshua, In your vídeos, you never use a frying appliance to fry in oil. Do you recommend using one?

  6. My daughter and I like to watch your videos Josh. She just said “why is that guy in all the cooking videos.” Lol

  7. This dude seriously has a $5 000 000 net worth and doesn't have a meat tenderizer 🤣

  8. Just tried the cheap version for an evening snack. The mayo is a bit too much, but god the egg cooking trick is 10/10.
    Amazing video as always Joshua, and thanks for the honesty about the 450$ version.
    Cheers from Bordeaux, France !

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