Reviewing Kitchen Gadgets!! | S2 E7 Sorted Food

Who’s ready for more KITCHEN GADGETS?! Our chef Ben and normals Barry, Jamie and Mike test a selection of ‘potentially’ mind blowing kitchen gadgets!!

Chainmail Chicken Roaster –
Bread Keeper –
Kebab Maker –
Wine Saver –

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23 Replies to “Reviewing Kitchen Gadgets!! | S2 E7 Sorted Food”

  1. Vac u van… Who doesn't finish a bottle of wine? If you don't finish it… who let's it go 10 days?

  2. I hate it when Barry “hosts” and uses his fake, scripted sales pitch voice. Makes everything seem so much more ingenuine than when Jamie or Ben does it

  3. Pretty sure I saw something like the bread keeper when I was a little kid. I wondered why grandma didn't have one, then realized she never cut her own bread. Forgot it existed before this video, probably because it is rare to find un-sliced bread in my part of the USA. It's like the onion/tomato slicer, no one knew they wanted one until they were popular, then they disappeared.

  4. Funny how they viewed the wine vacuum pump as a novelty gadget. When I used to work in bars about 10 years ago, this was a standard bit of kit for wine we served by the glass.

  5. Been watching the Made Personal Sorted episodes and don’t you think it’s time again? Also include Ben’s allotment and his home and James also!!

  6. The chainmail thing would be very wasteful compared to tinfoil, no matter how much you use it. Making chainmail is pretty wasteful

  7. The chainmail for the person for 47 pounds is almost guarandied to " shed" rings, due to poor quality work… not something you want in food making….( most of this and almost all quality chainmail is all hand made, and it takes time)

  8. If a thing says it keeps bread fresh longer, you can't test it in 10 minutes. You need to see how it does over a few days

  9. "it fell off the stick" i love the face mike is making as he says that, it makes me laugh every time

  10. Guys, guys – your science teachers would be so disappointed in you. No, non-foil control with the chicken gadget, no control at all with the bread, and no blind test with the wine (someone should have just handed Barry the glasses and he should have tried to detect which is which).
    Your testing is SO open to unconscious bias.

  11. So my bread does mold because my apartment doesn't have air conditioning and the condensation does build up…

  12. If i can get it sent to Australia, I will order a few of those vacuum wine corker. OK scrap that, it costs £15 + £9.50 delivery to Australia. Its not worth $50 AUD

  13. I love Jamie's look at 7:17 after Ben asks him, "Why is your kitchen so hot and steamy?" Uh huh

  14. who puts aluminium foil over a chicken to cook it in the over? u dont need foil to cook the chicken it cooks perfectly fine without it, that is just a waste of foil.

  15. I was going to say the chain links can also double as a cast iron scrubber but since it's 44 pounds, that won't be happening in any way, shape, or form. These companies need to start pricing things so they're affordable if they want to make them available to the general public.

    And I have that bread slicer/keeper.

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