The War of Fair Prices ft. Karan Johar & Peyush Bansal | Lenskart

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Lenskart, the first of its kind online optical store in India, has made it possible to acquire a good quality pair of specs with prescription lenses for just Rs. 399, all this while you sit in the comfort of your home. With a 72-hour free home delivery guarantee and 365 days return policy, is doing what ecommerce hasn’t been able to do in India yet. Wear the trend! Say hello to the hottest range of eyewear.

19 Replies to “The War of Fair Prices ft. Karan Johar & Peyush Bansal | Lenskart”

  1. Three things
    1.MRP ₹999 is not less
    Its to much for middle class.
    2. Karan Johar is over reacting.
    3. Piyush sir
    While sleeping no one wears 🤓

  2. Its so cool n funny lenskart ads use to have celebs and nobody knew about the founder but he himself is a celeb!

  3. Rajasthani/ Marwadi businessmen are always humble and down to earth
    Love you piyush sir

  4. कोई किसी को निचे देश नहीं आऐ गा

  5. Piyush has a tremendous talent, i believe he is going to be a star business in 20 next years,

  6. We know who's the man behind this ad . The OG of comebacks.

    Smooth tanmay bhai smooth

  7. Bhai piyush Matlab obviously, you won't be able to sell the product at 999 rs if you keep hiring Bollywood influencers. Tum logo ko abhi marketing ati hi nahi hai. Vo to janta ki meherbani hai aap par.

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