The Weekender: "Patterned Bath" (Episode 8)

This week, Monica takes on…Monica? In Episode 8 of The Weekender, our hostess finally gets some time to chase the boring out of her own master bath with some seriously bold patterns.

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28 Replies to “The Weekender: "Patterned Bath" (Episode 8)”

  1. Your bathroom – your plan – you're happy! Because the space is large, it still feels a bit empty and echo-y (without the whole family in it at the same time!). I guess you decided not to have a tub… but I wish there was something else happing to soften and the space opposite the door.

  2. ???????? happy to meet ur family in this episode. love ur design idea n big bathroom ????

  3. Finally, you get to revamp your space! So funny you had to convince your husband your design was great ???????????? Looks amazing

  4. i like white wall tiles and display, the towel hanger is not functional , i mean not long lasting ( you will see)…i don't like the painted white two window area , it was amazingly beautiful white before…shower door left untouched and most ugliest piece in all bathroom

  5. If you colored a few of the bottom subway tiles, you could make it look like a giant Tetris game.

  6. Wow that accent wall is smashing! Love the blue of the vanity!!! Gorgeous bathroom!!!

  7. In every episode there's one thing i love the most; Monica's energy, all i need to see. ????❤️❤️

  8. The end result is very nice but a towel rack next to the toilet is not a good idea …

  9. That's a pretty spacious bathroom. Love the tile floor pattern. So that's your hubby Eric.

  10. Great job Monica, you going to be my inspiration, my guy and I going to have our own home (first time living together), trust me I know how hard is to please people, but you always find the perfect solution and I'm counting with your ideas to make good dreams come true. Love you Monica and God bless you.

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