The Worst Tasting Food Quiz in the World | Quiz Cup Ep.1

WE’RE BRINGING BACK QUIZ CUP!! It’s simple really, our normals answer foodie questions… if they get it wrong then they have to add a mystery ingredient to a blender and drink the gag-worthy concoction at the end!!

Time to CANCEL your boring dinners!

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14 Replies to “The Worst Tasting Food Quiz in the World | Quiz Cup Ep.1”

  1. would love to have a winners drink at the end for the person who got the most right. you could have a separate cup and for every single question you get right you get to add in a nice ingredient! if you get the most questions right you get to drink that instead

  2. They should be given choices a, b, & c, with only one being correct and building towards a tasty smoothie, and if you’re wrong then you get the mystery concoction under the cloche

  3. Saliva of Ghostbusters.
    The movie I went to cinema with my sister and her husband Desmond

  4. Question for the quiz for the boys. In the Maple Bacon Cupcakes Big Night In, what was the food item that Barry said Jamie could be replaced by and the video would be exactly the same.

    The answer is a watermelon.

  5. As knowledge check quizzes go, this method is a little cruel …but hilarious. ????

  6. I love the sorted guys and their videos. And I know it's a bit, but I wish they wouldn't treat Barry like he's stupid all the time. He's smart, but in a different way than they are. And he might be neurodivergent (possibly having ADHD) which could make things like holding stuff in his short term memory , following verbal directions (things that he gets picked in for not doing well) much harder.

    Sometimes I just want to hug Barry.

  7. Have them cook what they blend. 3 quick dishes maybe a pickle, a curry and a dessert. If your dish isn't the winner it goes in your blender.

  8. Chef's edition but it's normal cooking methods they don't normally think is appropriate for their skill level

  9. I freaked out my dog with my joy of knowing a splash of water fixes hollandaise. The weird things that stick from culinary school

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