This 1 Trick Makes ANY Man 100X More Valuable

Here is a simple trick that can make you nearly 100X more valuable, but only if you know how to do it right. High value men do this all the time, and it’s incredibly powerful because it’s based on human psychology and how we think and behave.

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  1. So act like you’re busy even when you’re not, play games with her, manipulate her and you’ll be taking a huge step to becoming a “high value man.” lol yea I don’t think it works that way. If you play games with her (which lying to her by pretending to be busy is a game) you’ll lose a quality woman every time guys. But attracting crappy women…..I’d say yea go for it.

  2. What if she snob you and try to get her attention but she looks down? Do you have any advice for me?

  3. Tell yourself: Im gold. You gotta deserve me for to have me 🙂 but don't be too stupid otherwise you'll loose on so many fine opportunities 🙂

  4. I know that im a valuable man because all my exes would love to come back to me…im talking exes from 10 years ago

  5. In Puerto Rico , she wants You and you say no because You're going out with your friends , NEXT DAY , SHE DATES YOUR FRIENDS who won't go out with you today

  6. I don't believe that about the cookie jars. 8 cookies are obviously more valuable than 2.

  7. 0:47 Less is more, especially when it comes to women.

    Concentrate on you then the women will too.

  8. Good video,thanks,the ''writing and drawing'' effect is very good,almost feels like 3d.

  9. A jar with 10 gold bars has more value than a jar with 2 gold bars.
    So much for your concept of value.

  10. I can play hot and cold just fine.. and than she'll post the god damn booty photos and i'm done.. damn it! How to control my temptations not to write her ???????? (we 're on a break! ????)

  11. When we want to buy something, we idealize it, once we have it, we loose interest and want to buy something new.

    Treat relationships the same.

  12. Stupid, vague video. Im true to myself and others, If I have to be fake, its not worth it. Hard 2 get never work with me, so why others?

  13. Too long of a video just to tell the audience to pretend to be busy all the time.

  14. Wanting what you can't have applies to a limited number of things not all. For instance if a girl plays hard to get any man or teenager worth his salt is not going to waste time chasing the girl, Because his time is better spent doing something important or want he wants to do I'm the same if a girl plays games and hard to get it is a massive turn off and in my mind she is a waste of time and not bother commiting to. As this is a sign that she is low quality and will only play games with you in a relationship and not take you seriously.

    You will be her plaything or provide r. You will be in a sexless relationship where she doesn't respect you and treats you like garbage, until she finds a alpha or a strong leader aka… Chad or Tyrone.

    So your term of wanting what you can't get is flawed and people who want what they can't get are just feeding their big fat egos that's all it is.

    Make sure you remember people only want get what they can get or that is in arms length and is attainable realistically.

    Make sure to remember this brothers and don't get the two confused they are different.

    Pace out????.

  15. If you wanna look like a man of High Value in the eyes of men for social recognition, Business Network Opportunities etc etc…Best is to be known as the a player by Banging a lot of Beautiful Woman, show it off too…I know this from personal experience. So Game is a two fecet thing its not only just for sleeping around but for career too

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