This Grand Seiko Watch Is More Special Than You Think – Grand Seiko White Birch (SLGH005)

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In this video, I share my take on the Grand Seiko “White Birch” SLGH005, a modern Hi-Beat watch I had to have for myself. And while this watch certainly gets its kudos, I don’t think there’s enough of a conversation going on about just how incredible and revolutionary this new movement is. What are your thoughts on the White Birch?

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20 Replies to “This Grand Seiko Watch Is More Special Than You Think – Grand Seiko White Birch (SLGH005)”

  1. Teddy, love the video and a fan of seiko, especially the traditional automatic over the spring drive. Aside from the beauty of the dial and movement, I struggle with the value proposition when a DateJust yields better accuracy for similar cost.

  2. The dial is not attractive. GS is becoming highly overrated outside of the sprint drive

  3. Great video Teddy. I actually should be taking delivery of SLGH017 (Night Birch) tomorrow. I am a bit of a GS fan and I'm very excited about this one!

  4. I have my GS Spring Drive and my Zenith El Primero high beat watch. That is the best of both worlds.

  5. I ended up getting an SLGH295, I couldn’t resist the frost blue dial. But I really liked this movement

  6. Your macro shots are outstanding. The detail of the second hand’s shadow crossing the indices was beautiful.

  7. Thank you Teddy! As usual your reviews are the best and most informative. I like this watch a lot. I wish it was made out of Titanium, like the GS “Snow flake”, which I own and love. The bracelet is another weakness. No on the fly adjustments or at least micro adjustments. GS has to learn from Tudor, IWC and Glashutte Original how to design their bracelets. Other than that I love to look at this movement. Gorgeous finish and immaculate design. GS is the “Lexus” of the watch industry.

  8. I really like the way the white birch looks, and I've actually been mentally preparing to buy it. But with the accuracy issues that so many people have reported, I can't justify buying one. Many people on online forums report that the hi beat movement runs fast, like 10-20 seconds per day fast even after demagnetization and/or servicing from GS. People love to say that if you're buying mechanical watches, you can't expect accuracy. I agree that you can't expect quartz accuracy, but the reported ranges of deviance are unacceptable to me. A $9000 watch needs to be able to tell time. I am paying not only for the finishing, but for the engineering, otherwise it's no different from a bracelet. I don't own a huge collection of watches and wear a different one every day, so I don't want to have to reset it every 3 days. Once it reaches 1-2 minutes fast then maybe I'll be a minute late for a meeting. Realistically it'll make me check my phone for the time while I wear a $9000 paperweight on my wrist.

    Luckily I guess I can buy an SLGA 009. Although the dials are different, the accuracy and engineering are impressive to me, so that's probably what I'm going to end up doing.

  9. Grand Seiko is getting more attractive every day. I bought my Heritage SBGA413 "Spring" dial 2 years ago and absolutely love wearing it. Grand Seiko offers affordability, availability, and are hand made. Once GS adds micro-adjustment to its bracelets, the brand will take off in popularity worldwide. I also have the fortune to meet with Grand Seiko executives: Regional Vice President, Northeast Region François Bezault, and Vice President Russell Rowlands, at an event mid-May. I plan to offer my suggestion to improve the bracelet and add a quick change bracelet option too.

  10. Gorgeous watch! It’s ridiculous that it doesn’t have micro-adjustments. This makes no sense. It really should have on-the-fly micro-adjust.

  11. I love my SLGH003 with this movement. GS is really making great stuff.

  12. I know you had an interview with the CEO of GS the other day. Did you discuss sponsorship or product placement with him? It sure sounds like an infomercial. Perhaps you could be upfront about that?

  13. I would choose GS over any Rolex any day of the week. The workmanship, design, performance, and attention to detail out weighs Rolex's snobbery and watch market manipulation.

  14. That is an outstanding piece Teddy. I'm not sure about the lopped off hour hand though. That spoils it for me.

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