20 Replies to ““Worlds MOST DANGEROUS knot”… or Most Useful!?”

  1. Yes its so dangerous,,, its banned in my country, any one who use it will face death penalty.

  2. I thought this was a clove hitch, turns out it is not

  3. So do or don't use this as an alternative to a turn a kit in a pinch for heavy blood loss?

  4. Is this really better than the clove hitch though? I don’t notice much of a difference.

  5. Pretty sure the noose is the most dangerous knot. Almost a 100% mortality rate. Ask anyone on the gallows. Wait… You can't.

  6. Loving your channel… only discovered you recently.

    Didnt know you be showing me stuff with safety warnings!!

  7. So would this be the kind of knot you’d use for more dangerous activities, like makeshift rappelling, since it’s unlikely to come loose? Or just for things like the examples given? ????????

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