This Modern House in Bhuj Has A Sanctum Temple In Central Water Court

Most Indian houses have a special place for the Sanctum Sanctorum or the temple, usually given a high pedestal. Sanctum Villa derives its name and concept from this culture itself. After seeing the clients use and honor the mandir in their previous homes with such honor and care, the architects knew that the new house design had to have the mandir at the center of all.

After having lived in a traditionally designed home, the clients knew they wanted a contemporary and modern home with everyone having their privacy, and the architects provided them with just that. The house designed around the central mandir is carefully designed and planned to bring in ample light and wind along with the five natural elements running throughout the house.

To download the full PDF eBook of Sanctum Villa in Bhuj, Gujarat with floor plans, materials used, construction techniques and so much more, please visit:

The beauty of this project is the perfect amalgamation of architecture, interior design, and landscape design resulting in harmonious spaces that are always filled with light. The minimal material palette of wood, corten steel, and stone helps maintain the focus on the space that one is in.

Architectural Journalist: Yamini Patil
Video Credits: Vinay Panjwani

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  1. How do they protect open areas when it rains??? The chairs and other furnitures get spoiled right.

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