Thompson Tee Sweat Proof Undershirts Block Stress Sweat

Stress sweat is rough. Job interviews, presentations, first dates, your wedding day — it creeps up on you during crucial life moments. You can feel it dripping down your body, staining your clothes and killing your confidence.

So what’s the deal with stress sweat?

There are two types of sweat glands: apocrine and eccrine. Eccrine glands are found all over your body. They’re stimulated by exercise and hot weather. Because you can avoid these stimulants (by staying out of the heat and avoiding physical exertion) eccrine sweat is easy to control.

Apocrine glands (stress sweat glands) respond to emotional strain. Adrenaline pumps through your body when you’re nervous or excited, causing your heart to beat faster and your body to start sweating.

To put it plainly, stress sweat happens when you’re #triggered. Like when you’re called to answer a question on your first day of college in front of the whole class and your crush.

Other stress sweat triggers include:

– Job interviews
– Work presentations
– First dates
– Wedding day
– Meeting your partner’s parents for the first time
– First day of college
– All four years of high school
– Basically any nerve-wracking situation

And, because you can’t control your emotions or your genes, it’s nearly impossible to stop stress sweat from wreaking havoc on your life — right? Wrong.

Here’s how to combat nervous sweat.

The Thompson Tee is a patented sweat proof undershirt guaranteed to block underarm sweat stains, one of the most embarrassing side effects of stress sweat.

Made for both men and women, the Thompson Tee comes in various sizes, styles and colors, so you’re protected no matter what you wear.

Do you prefer your undershirts to fit snugly? Check out the Slim Fit (. Want more of a relaxed look? Try the Original Fit.

No need to worry about your undershirt showing either. Our men’s V-neck and Deep V-neck stay hidden under your dress shirts. The women’s scoop neck shirts can be worn under a range of styles.

Take control of stress sweat once and for all. Visit to buy your Thomspon Tee today.

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