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For the last spot in the finale, Line and Sabrina had 90 minutes to replicate three desserts: a dark chocolate brownie with homemade vanilla ice cream, white chocolate crème brûlée, and milk chocolate mousse with a passion fruit center. Wait until the end to see who gets in.
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16 Replies to “Three Chocolate Desserts Pressure Test For A Finalist Spot | MasterChef Canada | MasterChef World”

  1. If Linn, Sabrina, Cody, Cristofer had come individually in different seasons, they have the courage and skill to be the winner for sure

  2. I'm still SUPER salty that Line didn't win the finale against David. Line deserved to win, she been a real player throughout the entire season of the competition for how skillful her cooking was compared to the average cookie-cutters that were on this show. And it even shows how far her cooking skills carried her throughout the competition. And this isn't me saying this because I believe Line is a woman and she deserved it for that very reason (because let's be honest, even I believe Sabrina deserved to win as well). I just truly, genuinely believe Line deserved the win more because of how REAL her cooking skills were, and also because of how her cooking sets her apart from the rest of the contestants that felt like they only gotten far in the competition out of sheer dumb luck. And for Line to lose to a family guy, probably due to the judges having felt sympathetic for David being an honest family man and ended up winning because of the sympathy vote instead of which chef was more skilled was incredibly biased. Why is everyone I root for always never end up being the winner on this dumb show… I honestly thought Mirida would beat Eric back in season one. And now this…

  3. Line: splash mistake & cut mistake

    Sabrina: brownie a tad dry, sugar a little uneven

    Omg can't get any closer lol

  4. Whenever I think of what the definitive challenge of MasterChef Canada is, it's this one beyond a shadow of doubt

  5. Why is Sabrina the most beautiful girl in the world? I feel connected in a spiritual level

  6. Sabrina: “applying multiple coats is the key to success in a Creme Brûlée.”
    Alvin: “Are you sure about that?”
    Sabrina: “My brownie is coming out nice and dense it’s perfect that way.”
    Michael: “Are you sure about that?”

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