Tiny Secrets Hidden On Dollar Bills ????

It’s an owl.

Watch the full episode here: https://youtu.be/3PYARcr8NVQ

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11 Replies to “Tiny Secrets Hidden On Dollar Bills ????”

  1. The Bird is More than the actual picture it's a little gray man look closer

  2. One things I don't understand about a dollar bill is how Brian moved it from a burning cup into the bar's cash register

  3. So not really like, lore..? Idk but you can tell how much effort went into the $1 bill, and why theyve kept it pretty much the same for a decently long time.
    But think about the psychology of physical money, especially in a time period where $1 was actually a decent hunk of money. It needed to be interesting and have nuances otherwise its just currency, and you cant build an economic system just on that.

  4. What I, as a swiss, can't understand, is how the largest economy of the world can have ome of the unsafest series of banknotes.

  5. Alright, it pains me to do this, but I'm unsubbing from MR. I still like your full-length videos, but y'all publish so many shorts (like 5+ a day, really!?) that's it's completely cluttering up my subscriptions feed and I'm losing the videos I do want to watch in all the spam.

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