14 Replies to “Today’s high protein lunch ????#shorts”

  1. Gosh that pasta salad looks so inviting chicki ???? You always hit the mark ???? let your hair down ????????????????????‍♂️

  2. Yum! I use a similar looking pasta (rotini) made from 100% chickpeas. It boosts the protein, is high fiber, and is gluten-free. Delicious! Looking forward to trying your dressing.

  3. Thats looks so Good!????????you are so beautiful and sweet. Keep up the Good work.???? My wish is to get your cook book.☺️

  4. Now I’m craving this! It looks amazing! And I’m second btw ✨????????

  5. Hopefully, you let people know it's tofu. My daughter and I are severely allergic. We had a friend secretly put tofu in their chili to prove people don't need meat. My daughter and I ate it and had to leave the party ASAP.

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