Top Affordable IKEA Products that Look High End | Julie Khuu

This video is all about my favorite affordable Ikea products that look high end. I love Ikea for its timeless designs, modern functionality, and ability to suit any style/budget/needs. The great thing about Ikea is that there are hundreds of options in every single category from furniture to home decor to storage and organization. If you’re looking to make your home look and feel luxurious with Ikea products on a budget this video is for you!

0:00 Introduction
1:02 BAGGEBO Metal Cabinet with Glass Doors
1:38 NORDMELA Cabinet
2:31 KLACKENÄS Sideboard
3:46 BILLY Bookcase
4:07 IDANÄS Cabinet
4:59 ODGER Chair
5:33 DESJA Lamp
6:00 SOLKLINT Pendant
6:28 VARMBLIXT Wall Mirror/Lamp
7:02 STILLHET Tealight Holder
7:29 LOHALS Rug
8:07 HOVET Mirror
8:49 SILVTJARN Container
9:09 LILLASJON Toilet Roll Holder
9:25 HURRING Basket
10:09 KONSTFULL Vase
10:33 CHILISTRAN Hanging Planter
10:11 GLADELIG Dinnerware
12:04 BEKRÄFTA Curtain Rod Set
12:33 VILBORG Room Darkening Curtains & HANNALILL Curtains

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22 Replies to “Top Affordable IKEA Products that Look High End | Julie Khuu”

  1. Ikea is a great resource for staple items like the Billy bookcase that can be upcycled into any type of storage solution you need! I use it to house my shoe collection. What’s your favorite Ikea piece and how do you use it?

  2. I am clearly not a person to shop at IKEA, it is so far from my taste, but I can see the beauty of the products. Thank you for putting the lists together!

  3. The STALL. I will live and die by it. It was so perfect for our narrow entryway!

  4. So many of those items can be put to use in an industrial setting…lovin it thanks

  5. Of all the IKEA videos I’ve watched lately, I can’t believe no one has mentioned the round walnut veneer Stockholm mirror. It is modern and really pretty…the online pics do not do it justice. Maybe it has been around for awhile(?)

  6. Great video. When my Son was working at Ikea we took advantage of his 10% employee discount, spent $4,000 on Closet organization a nd kitchen stuff.

  7. Another great video! I see a couple of things that I'll be picking up before they are gone.

  8. I love IKEA window treatments….I have a south facing window that can be pretty hot in the summer….IKEA draperies will be perfect.

  9. How do I hang plants in front of the window if I have sheer drapes? Do I have to drill holes in the ceiling…not really wanting to do that. Any advice or ideas would be greatly appreciated. I'm definitively getting the vase. It looks like a unicorn left its toy for me.
    Please teach us about hanging crystals. Is it feng shui or taoism?

  10. I definitely want to have a shoe cabinet in our entrance. Does the entry mirror need to be round for good feng shui?

  11. I love your video. Specially an IKEA one. Everybody loves ikeas is so versatile

  12. I would love to see you present the new IKEA finds! Just as an aside; your hair looks so stylish. I noticed the style in the last few videos. Great look on you! Now, I wonder how it would look in gray…..and with double chin. Sigh

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