22 Replies to “Toxic Tampons ☠️ #shorts”

  1. Please add Honey Pot to your list! It does not have either of those ingredients. I know cause I just looked at mine! Honey Pot! Honey Pot!

  2. There’s been an outrage about literally every single product in that store by you Broski🥱looks exhausting being scared of everything in the world

  3. Thankyou , I don’t buy anything without reading labels the longer the word the more deadly the chemicals, please do one on baby nappies and wipes get the info out to those who don’t know blessings uk

  4. My god is there no depths these demons will go to , I’m thinking the same with nappies and wet wipes let’s share this far and wide

  5. Fake News.
    The only part of the tampon with titanium dioxide is the STRING. The string is not inside your body and furthermore titanium dioxide won’t harm you.
    This same guy advocated for titanium dioxide (mineral) sunscreen because he is against chemical sunscreen. Now trying to make titanium dioxide sound like arsenic.

  6. Thanks Bobby! I had no idea. It sucks that America lets these big businesses get away with poisoning us.

  7. You mean I been licking. my neighbors tampons out the trash and I'm ingesting titanium dioxide? Shiiiiiiiiiizzzzzzzzzz%

  8. Please do a video on cooking utensils. I am from a Hindu culture, copper utensils are considered to be the best and the worst Is aluminium.

  9. I’m ingredient conscious and bought L. Organic Pads in all shape and sizes thinking they were clean enough. I’m upset and will be returning them. Thank you for the recommendation Bobby! I will purchase your recommendations! Will order now.

  10. Titanium dioxide is in a lot of cosmetics…does it do the same thing…I'm thinking sunscreen

  11. Hi bobby I'm new to your channel but I love your videos do you think you can do a video about losse leaf teas and where to buy them that are bobby approved

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