Trout Fishing Catch and Cook Recipe: How to Camp Fire Cook Rainbow Trout – Cave Lake, Nevada

Fishing for lake trout is fun and they are delicious. I demonstrate how to catch and cook rainbow trout and brown trout over a camp fire.

Hot Lures/Baits Used !!!
*Cast Master Lure –
*Crawdad Traps –

My Jigging Setup
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My Cranking Setup
*Rod Info – ( mine is 7′ )
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My Spinnerbait Setup
*Rod Info – ( mine is 7’6″ )
*Reel Info –
*Line Info –

My Top Water Setup
*Rod – (mine is 7′ one piece)
*Reel –
*Line –

My Boat Setup
*Tracker Grizzley 2072 CC
*Trolling Motor –
*Seats –

*Camera –
*Wind Mic –
*GoPro –
*GoPro Accessories –
*Carrying Case –
*Editing Software –
*Music By – Beat Your Competition, Vibe Tracks

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26 Replies to “Trout Fishing Catch and Cook Recipe: How to Camp Fire Cook Rainbow Trout – Cave Lake, Nevada”

  1. Not in a mean way at all but I think that is a young rainbow not a brown thanks love the videos ๐Ÿ‘

  2. That deformed trout didn't have a broken spine at some point as your father suggested… It was afflicted with Myxobolus Cerebralis, a microscopic parasitic worm that causes a sickness known as Whirling Disease. When the fish ultimately dies of the disease it releases the parasites into the water and infects more fish.

    In the future you should immediately remove the fish from the water if you find another with this disease and promptly contact the organization responsible for stocking that water body and/or the appropriate state or federal authorities (I'm assuming Fish and Wildlife, but idk whom exactly, as I am a Canadian citizen).
    Tight lines and great content!.

  3. Wasabi gang!๐ŸคŸ๐Ÿพ๐ŸŽฃ
    Felt like I was there with yall๐Ÿ˜‚
    Great vid!!!

  4. Nice vid! But that trout that you said was a brown was actually still a rainbow

  5. We love Cave Lake! The biggest crawfish we have ever seen or eaten have come out of that lake! Great videos. We just discovered you guys a couple months ago, and we are loving going through all of your videos. You guys do a great job. Thanks for some great family friendly outdoor entertainment!

  6. Where you guys fishing? Itโ€™s a dream of mine to catch a Trout.

  7. When u pick up a trout u should wet your hands so u donโ€™t take the slime coat off

  8. What video was that where your like "get outta the way" to juju on the boat lol

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