Turning Junk to Jewels and using it to Transform Your Garden

In (salvage) part 2, Bunny visits Horticulturist and Landscape Architect Ian Hodgson’s garden, which he keeps dynamic by sourcing throw outs and repurposes them to embellish his small city garden. Steel hawser cable becomes sculpture, old cable drums garden furniture, a huge door an eye-catching boundary addition, clothes tidies become ornaments and micro meadows are grown in pots. A beautiful, reclaimed turf seat is a top attraction.

Adam Caplin has written books on hunting down junk and repurposing it to furnish his garden. He gives top tips and how to find and use. Beautiful containers from a wide range of unexpected items.

Bunny chats to the Wombles who have ‘Totter’s Rights’ to a council tip. (Something that has been discarded can legally taken by someone who has found it). They sift through the tips and then give to needy causes or sell for a small donation discarded items. Bunny discovers some beautiful cast iron columns and much more. The most expensive item the Wombles found was a n 1850 Louis Vuitton trunk, tipped off a junk lorry which was valued at £2,000. If you know great sources and keep your eyes open you can come across amazing, serendipitous finds, far more satisfying than employing your credit card!

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8 Replies to “Turning Junk to Jewels and using it to Transform Your Garden”

  1. I would be in junk heaven if I worked there with all that stuff !! ????????????
    I love old stuff , it’s the best to decorate with

  2. Loved this video. Such wonderful ideas. I go to thrift stores mainly to find anything I can use in my garden.

  3. Such wonderful ideas. Thank you. May I make a suggestion? As a professional musician, I think your editors might be pleased to know a trained musical editor could make your music fit a bit better into your videos. They would know how to edit for connectedness, effectiveness and cohesiveness. Like Bunny's beautiful gardens..
    Just an idea! Thanks for considering.

  4. That gives me a few extra ideas. I have collected a few items the neighbors have thrown out l(e.g., an old fountain), and I have an old bee hive that I may decorate and set up as a planter. I have the items stacked in the garage and I put extra dirt near the shed, so I need to get to it.

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