Twinings Tea Heir: You're Brewing Tea All Wrong

When it comes to making tea, you may be doing it all wrong. Stephen Twining, a 10th-generation Twinings heir, and who drinks at least nine cups of tea per day, demonstrates the proper way to prepare tea on Lunch Break with Tanya Rivero. Photo: iStock

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24 Replies to “Twinings Tea Heir: You're Brewing Tea All Wrong”

  1. "Sugar, no, never"

    And I'm just staring at his teeth. I think sugar couldn't hurt at that point. 😂

  2. Tetley tea, milk and two sugars. The perfect brew. This bloke is so posh, we generally have our brews any time we feel like and if your lucky you get a biscuit.

  3. Why;even in India;tea (milk mixed) is very popular!Indians need morning & evening tea!

  4. I would like to know what people put in their tea without using sugar? Sugar is such an inflammatory thing and if you don't get pure cane sugar you are buying GMO beet sugar which is not good because they have glysophate (ie Roundup).
    I am trying lemon juice.
    Although I am lactose intolerant but heavy cream sounds pretty good.

  5. Excuse my ignorance here, but I'm guessing in Great Britain, people do NOT say "cheers" when sitting down to drink tea, lol!

  6. They are my favorite tea company! I love there green jasmine tea and I brew it in my Mrs.Tea Pot. I usually take 2 tea bags of the green Jasmine tea and I open the bags dump it in the filter part and sometimes I add a pinch of lavender buds ( about 10) and 2 chamomile buds and when I make it like this When it’s done in my cup I add a tiny bit of milk and 2 Splendas. When it’s just the Jasmine n green tea by it’s self I drink it plain. They are my favorite tea company

  7. Why do interviewers so often feel the need to rush the guest? To me it's off-putting. The constant interruptions, interjections and rushing has all the benchmarks of a superfake conversation. Gives me anxiety.
    But then, everything does. 
    So nevermind.

  8. Such bad, misaligned teeth. They are crooked and the overbite is terrible. So much money and no sense.

  9. I wish they would’ve let him talk more about the tea and the business. He looks like he has such passion for what they do and has so many great stories. These segments all seem rushed which is unfair.

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