Uncle Roger Savagely Reviews our Rice Dishes!!

It’s ULTIMATE BATTLE time and today, we have a very special guest return to the studio! Will Uncle Roger be impressed with the final dishes? Watch to find out!

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28 Replies to “Uncle Roger Savagely Reviews our Rice Dishes!!”

  1. Come on Jamie, do better. Really insulting that you knew the significance of the chopsticks and did it anyway…

  2. All I can and need to say is:
    Love your energy brother. ????????????

  3. Definitely need more Kush in the future! I see a great Chef v Chef in the future! (And maybe even a Chef v Chef v Chef with special returning guest James Curry?????)

  4. Congratulations to Mike on his newborn! May his wife recover well and may he and his family have an amazing and fulfilling adventure ahead!

  5. I love how Uncle Roger roasts them then immediately uses the roast to help them promote the Sidekick app… Well done

  6. Kush has his own style and personality. He's much less performative and much more down to business… So used to being so helpful too… Helping Jamie, recommending extra ingredients, telling him the oil needs to be hotter… Such a team player and good support to have.

  7. Kush is brilliant! Bring him in more often!

    Also, stop teasing with the gin liqueur, I WANT to buy it but you guy do not ship to Germany!!

  8. It's hilarious that Uncle Roger was here and there in the kitchen and then you can see Ben in the background sneaking over to join the conversation hahahaha

  9. More Kush please! Would love to see him a regular addition in challenges and front facing content! We need more chef to balance out the nornal

  10. I hope Kush keeps coming back more and more. Great personality, fit, and facial expressions. 😀

  11. I flipping hate "Uncle Roger". He is perpetuating a racist cultural Asian stereotype that is being used for laughs.

  12. Kush should take part in future pass it on's and we need to find out who's the best trained chef of Ben, James, and Kush. Ultimate Chef Battle Chef Edition.

  13. Kush had a 15 minute handicap and he still has extra time to look at Jamie's dish and give him advice.

  14. 'I'm not that good of an actor, I'm not you' was such a precious moment between kush and jamie. Kush wants jamie to do it right so bad

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