Yoga For When You Are Feeling Unmotivated | 20-Minute Home Yoga

For the voice inside that says you desire or need yoga but you just…can’t…get… your energy right to begin. I made this practice for those days.

And believe me, I know there are many.

This session begins with stabilizing and strengthening side-lying work. Then we will implement some of my favorite postures and breath for the spine, for the digestive organs, and for the nervous system. Start on empty; it’s okay!

This session was made to help change your energetic state while getting you moving in a forward direction. You got this. Yoga works. I am here to help! 

Let me know how this session goes for you in the comment section below! After all these years, I still enjoy connecting with you there, and I learn so much from you. Thank you.

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Yoga With Adriene, LLC recommends that you consult your physician regarding the applicability of any recommendations and follow all safety instructions before beginning any exercise program. When participating in any exercise or exercise program, there is the possibility of physical injury. If you engage in this exercise or exercise program, you agree that you do so at your own risk, are voluntarily participating in these activities, and assume all risk of injury to yourself.

29 Replies to “Yoga For When You Are Feeling Unmotivated | 20-Minute Home Yoga”

  1. I was in on the 2minute countdown!! I’m in Tasmania …been waiting hours for this! Thanks!!

  2. thank you so much for the new practice!
    your channel and these yoga videos help me to find inner piece while I'm staying in Ukraine

  3. Thank you! Always fantastic. It has been sooo long with you and your energy is still so warm, passionate ad creative. Thank you

  4. Thank you so much for this Adriene ❣️ you are a saint and a lovely person. ????

  5. I'm struggling with motivation, sleep, direction, they're all inter connected aren't they…let's hope our mojos return to us today…hang on in there…????????

  6. My goodness! This is exactly what I need at this time in my life. Really looking forward to this practice. You feel better. ????

  7. Haven't seen it yet looking forward to doing this tomorrow ❤️ thank you

  8. I am so looking forward to this practice tomorrow. I've had difficulty motivating myself to be active while recovering from a bad case of COVID. I appreciate you!

  9. Perfect timing! I can't wait!! ????????❤️????????‍♀️Cheers Adriene & all ywa comm. joining in.

    Edit..Ty Adrienne for always sharing your time with us all & having our backs, I appreciate you, even seeing Benji so relaxed is a delight ????…what a perfect core engaging practice for when one is feeling unmotivated or uninterested in coming on the mat…I know I have, we all have I did some days ago…I know I am going to feel the opposite after this practice and so will others joining in live. We've got this! Let's do this and I hope we all feel a shift & have a pleasant day wherever we are.????????????❤️❤️

  10. Wow! Perfect addition! Thank you Adriene❤️❤️
    ❤️❤️…Sooooo???? Looking forward to this.

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