Unmissable Food Trends we loved in April 2023

It’s Friday so we’re grabbing a beer and chatting about all things food we loved in April!

Check out what we loved in April-
Best Ever Food Review Show: https://bit.ly/41afPa7
Fat Hippo: https://fathippo.co.uk/
Emma Stephenson Tik Tok: https://bit.ly/3p1YimT
Bethnal Green Fish: https://bit.ly/418hYD5

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25 Replies to “Unmissable Food Trends we loved in April 2023”

  1. Every knows who Sunny is the channel has 8 million more subs then yall do????

  2. First item just sounds like “”No Reservations” with Anthony Bourdain. Do Brit’s know about that show?
    Edit: no sooner did I post this than Kush came to the rescue

  3. This is like all the best parts of a podcast but you can actually see everything they're showing. Totally up for this format to be a regular thing.

  4. 12:22 honestly I wouldn’t say we’re chasing breast milk and more so high fat high sugar is just an amazing survival food period… and our bodies have evolved to produce that for children to keep them alive,

  5. I like the format, let's say, once a month. It is a bit podcasty (if that is a word). I think some very-very subtle background music during the whole thing would elevate the vibe

  6. i love this format! So reminiscent of the podcasts. I hope it sticks around!

  7. Kush seems like an ass, your friend makes you a cocktail and you just insult not only the experimenting but the drink itself. Underhandly says , "rather than the Lackluster Martini" Kind of person you think is amusing to watch but we would a horrible friend or coworker.

  8. the idea of the doughnut burger is not really new. Reds True Barbecue in Leeds and the now closed Sheffield branch offered this about 8-9 years ago. but there they made a normal cheeseburger from beef in a classic glazed doughnut. And it was pretty good. I have to assume that was more balanced than this new version.

  9. Crema won't exist in espresso unless its fresh because its just a marketing name for the scuzzy co2 foam from high pressure extraction of the co2 in coffee beans. On the alcohol side you guys could try and get How2Drink out there or go visit him – make an alcohol episode.

  10. Barry you also need to look into a couple of Sonny's friends and fellow food tubers (this needs to be a thing). One is Mark Wiens, he also does food and food culture, but it also includes how and why a certain dish was made. And Mike Chen from the Strictly Dumpling channel.
    Are doughnut burgers now coming to that side of the pond? We have them here in the states, some of them very disgusting and some much better. Speaking of doughnuts, if you ever head to Indiana, find a Square Doughnuts shop.

  11. You can buy coffee-infused cheese so the parmesan espresso martini doesn't seem too out there.

  12. Would absolutely love to see more of these informal discussions – so good!

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