29 Replies to “Use leftover milk to make heavy whipping cream”

  1. "Within 5 minutes"
    a little later..
    "Let it cool in the fridge overnight"

  2. Miss Shi can you please do it without the hand mixer please because not everyone had it

  3. Here’s how to turn milk into heavy, whipping cream, then back into butter

  4. This bakeries had whip cream and u mean you can make it at home boom mind blown home made whip cream,,

  5. i’ve been struggling with eye infections lately and these videos help me feel better about the situation ❤

  6. If your milk is about to go bad, but not yet sour, bring it just to a boil it on the stove the immediately remove from heat, let it cool and put it back in the carton. It’ll last like another week. It changes the flavor veryyyy slightly but itll keep longer and saves you $.

  7. If you have to much leftover milk do this!!
    * makes whipping cream with milk and butter *
    And it you have to much leftover whipping cream do this!!
    takes butter out of milk and makes a stick again
    But remember to use your butter so you don’t have too much leftover again!!

  8. So all that just to turn a stick of butter and sour milk into…. a stick of butter ????????‍♀️????

  9. random FYI: you have to wash homemade butter to remove the buttermilk from it, because the buttermilk goes rancid faster than the butter does

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