Use Your Big Brain to Pass 13 Tough Riddles

Regular training and problem solving can help your brain function at a more stable level throughout your entire life. What can you do to boost your intelligence? It’s simple. Always be on the lookout for different problems to solve and give your brain a workout. For example, try to solve several riddles every day. They are not just fun to solve but they’re also a great way to warm up and test your brain’s agility. Puzzles and brain teasers develop critical thinking, creative thinking, and improve memory. We prepared 13 riddles of varying complexity that will help you both train your brain and entertain yourself.


A Tragedy in the Artist’s House 0:01
Bizarre Guests 1:03
A Mysterious Disappearance 2:11
A Call to the Police 3:02
A Date 3:55
A Bizarre Code 4:41
An Anxious Husband 5:38
Find the Thief 6:30
A Crime in the Neighborhood 7:20
Desperate for Help 8:18
A Run-Away Wife 9:05
A Missing Collection 9:53
A Blatant Lie 10:50

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